We recognise that discrimination is unacceptable and, although equality of opportunity has been a long‐standing feature of our practices and procedure, we have made the decision to adopt a formal equal opportunities policy.

The Employer is dedicated to encouraging and promoting a supportive and inclusive culture amongst our employees in order to promote diversity and eliminate discrimination in our workplace.

We aim to ensure that all employees and applicants are provided with equal opportunity in order to ensure that our workplace is representative of all sections of society, where every employee is respected and valued.

The purpose of this policy is to reinforce our commitment to provide equality and fairness to everyone in our workplace and not provide less favourable conditions or treatment on the grounds of age, disability, gender identity, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

All employees regardless of their employment status will be treated fairly and with respect and when any candidate is selected for recruitment, promotion, training or any other benefit it will be done fairly and based on their aptitude and ability.

We will also give all of our employees help and encouragement to develop their full potential and talents in order to ensure that the skills and resources of our workplace are fully utilised to maximise our performance and efficiency.

The Employer commits to the following actions:

  • facilitating equal employment opportunities based on ability, performance and potential by:
    – basing decisions on employment so as to further the principle of equal employment opportunity;
    – engaging and retaining a diverse workforce
  • integrating diversity approaches into Talent, Leadership and Succession Plans;
  • integrating diversity approaches into key processes including recruitment, training, performance management, rewards, communication, stakeholder engagement, procurement and product development; and
  • building a safe workplace by taking action against inappropriate workplace behaviour that does not value diversity and inclusion including discrimination, harassment, bullying, victimisation and vilification.

All employees are also required to comply with these requirements and policy in order to promote fairness in the workplace by:

  • complying with the provisions of this policy and supporting the Employer’s diversity initiatives;
  • treating all colleagues and customers with respect and professionalism, respecting different ways of thinking and working to maintain a workplace that is inclusive and free from discrimination and harassment; and
  • informing their Manager of any breach or potential breach of this Policy.

Managers are responsible for:

  • ensuring that the principles outlined in this policy are applied in the workplace;
  • ensuring all decisions relating to appointment, promotion and career development are made in accordance with the principles outlined in this policy;
  • providing an inclusive environment that celebrates and recognises the value of a diverse team;
  • considering all staff requests that will help promote diversity in the workplace and make reasonable accommodations to these requests; and
  • understanding key community stakeholders, delivery partner, customer and end user preferences, ensuring their team members are aware of, and behave in accordance with this policy.
  • ensuring all staff are made aware of their obligations and responsibilities in relation to diversity and the behaviours expected by the Employer; and
  • providing ongoing support and guidance to all staff in relation to diversity principles and practices.