UPDATED 11:45 AEST – 24/03/2020    

In light of recent measures being implemented by our federal government to curb the spread of Covid-19 Coronavirus we would like to keep our customers and clients informed on what RTL Trades are doing to help play our part in preventing the spread of this virus and what you can expect from us in the coming weeks and months.Here are some common questions we are currently fielding with some regularity that will help clear things up:Are you open for business? We absolutely are. Thus far, Plumbing has been recognised as an essential service with blocked toilets, burst pipes, no hot water, leaking roofs, gas leaks etc. all potentially posing a serious risk to the health and wellbeing of those affected by, or in contact with, any of the above plumbing issues.We are dedicated to ensuring we can make your lives as easy as possible during this time of heightened stress and uncertainty and will be available to attend to your plumbing issues in a timely manner. Is it safe for RTL workers to enter my office/home?Yes. All of our work team have been provided excess masks, gloves, clothes, PPE and hand sanitiser that they have readily available and can utilise on request. All of our work team have been educated in the correct hygiene protocols for the current climate and when they arrive to site you can be assured they are clean, sanitised and ready to work. We have also insisted that anyone feeling unwell immediately leave work and be tested for the Covid-19 virus and not return to work until a clearance certificate has been provided by their treating doctor.Members of our office team who have the ability to work from home have been sent home to do so until further notice. Staff required to work from the office have had their work stations separated well over the recommended 1.5m social distancing recommendations and have surplus hand sanitiser and disinfectant readily available. We are also conducting a once a day deep clean of the entire office using a specially formulated sanitising product.We have also attained a Certificate of Acknowledgement from the Australian Government Department of Health in Infection Control Training – Covid 19.Is there anything we can do prior to your arrival to help make the process easier?Absolutely. If you are requesting a quote from us for something relatively straight forward like a HWU replacement, blocked drain, leaking tap/toilet it is likely you will be able to prevent a site visit from one of our staff by sending through photos of whatever it is you would like replaced and any other information pertinent to the install. Obviously we will still need to attend to inspect a lot of quotes however by working together through email and photos we can do our bit to prevent unneeded human contact.Please advise us immediately if you are aware of anyone being unwell at any of the sites you have asked us to attend and we will reschedule the site visit for a later date.Can you please attend to our Preventative Maintenance?Absolutely. Now is a perfect time to bring forward/carry out all preventative maintenance tasks like Backflow & TMV inspections, Roof Audits, Pump Maintenance, Gutter Cleans, Hot Water Unit inspections etc. With most work places now working in a limited capacity, now is the ideal time for preventative maintenance to be carried out as the disruptions to building and site occupants will be minimal.If you have any other queries or questions relating to RTL and the current Covid-19 issues we are all facing please feel free to come back to me with any questions or queries and I will address them accordingly.As a side note: Through all of this I think it is incredibly important to try and remain positive and upbeat until we are out the other side of these unprecedented and uncertain times. There is a tonne of negative energy in the atmosphere at the moment and it is clear that the negativity is breeding heightened levels of stress, anxiety and agitation. By working together and creating a positive environment for those in our immediate vicinity the world is going to be all the better for it.Let’s stick together and be kind guys.

Kind Regards,

RTL Trades


UPDATE 08:30 AEST – 18/03/2020

It’s business as usual for RTL Trades

You can still expect the same high level of operations and customer service that you’ve come to expect.

RTL Trades are taking all precautions in regards to COVID-19 Coronavirus, and are following Government and health official guidelines.

We have been proactive in undertaking protective measures to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus in Australia and to protect our staff and clients.

  • We are strictly following any protective measures set out by our clients with regards to visitors and Tradesmen on site.
  • Our systems are cloud-based and our Office teams are able to work from home if required.
  • All our Tradesmen have access to gloves and hand sanitiser at all times and are minimizing contact with each other, office staff and the public.
  • Anyone with flu-like symptoms is taking advice from their Doctor and self-isolating at home.
  • We have postponed all internal and external face-to-face meetings.

We will update you as the situation changes. We thank you for your ongoing support during this time.If you have any questions or concerns about what RTL Trades are doing to protect our teams or clients, please don’t hesitate to touch base: 07 3399 2203.

All the best.

RTL Trades