With so much plumbing information readily available it is hard to know what is right and wrong. There are so many different sources of information – what myths are true? RTL Trades has found some of the most common myths and myth busted them for you!


If water is going down the drain, there is no problem

Wrong! Just because water is draining does not mean that all is well. If your water is draining slowly, if the drains make unusual noises or if the toilet is not flushing as normal, you’re probably have a problem. Drain clogs can still be developing – don’t wait until it is too late. Contact a plumber before the drain is completely clogged and it is a bigger issue than it needs to be.


My leaking tap can wait

It is just a drip… a bit annoying, but an insignificant annoying drip that you can fix at any time, right? Wrong! Not only does the leaking tap increase your water and power bills by wasting significant amounts of water, it can also damage the tap. Whilst it may just be an annoying drip to you, it may create a world of damage for your home. It is always a good idea to get that leak looked at as soon as possible.


Plumbing systems don’t require maintenance

Unfortunately this is a common and very dangerous myth to believe. People often go years without checking their equipment and then wonder why an extremely costly problem such as tree roots appears. Your plumbing equipment is the all-important water delivery and waste removal system in your house – it needs to be maintained as a priority!  Regularly inspecting and maintaining these items will ensure that you do not incur sudden, unexpected and expensive repairs to your home. Always fix small problems before they turn into large ones!


Toilets make a great garbage disposal.

Actually, no they don’t! Even if it is advertised as a disposable wipe or something to flush – it is not! The only thing to be flushed down toilets are toilet paper and human waste. Adding anything else will cause clogged toilets, water overflowing and lots of cleanup! So avoid these issues by placing a bin in the bathroom and using it! And don’t forget to regularly check for leaks and corrosion on the toilet pipework – be vigilant before a small problem turns into a big one!


All plumbers are exactly the same.

Unfortunately, not all tradespeople are the same. Their experience, knowledge and training can all vary significantly which may impact the quality of the work severely. It is very important to pick a well-respected and experienced company like RTL Trades to ensure you receive the expertise, quality and service that you deserve.


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